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Name: Lance
Journal: [personal profile] girlnamedlance
Contact information: [ profile] girlnamedlance [ profile] girlnamedlance
Other characters: Lelouch vi Britannia and Samuel Henderson
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Name: Tear
Age: Adult?
Subject taught: Economics and Money Management
Canon: Cutecettear: A Moe Shop Tale
Canon point: Post main game, after meeting all of the adventurers and other characters.

Tear has a reputation of being a loan shark and a stick-in-the-mud, but it’s mostly due to her rather careful demeanor. She is excellent at organizing paperwork, ledgers, and keeping track of money. And while she comes off as rather cold, she does genuinely care for Recette’s well-being. She doesn’t take advantage of the girl, she’s only there to do her job, really. She keeps others like Euria and Charme from taking advantage of her naïveté. She is simply there to collect her father’s debt, and she’s even willing to help Recette earn the money if she must.

The main reason that she isn’t as awful a loan shark as people call her, is that she could have simply repossessed the house and put Recette out on the street. But no, she stays with Recette, helping her build up her shop, helping her keep up with customers and the paperwork. She didn’t want Recette to suffer for her father’s irresponsibility. She doesn’t even tell Recette the full amount of the loan right away out of concern for her getting upset. She’s not cold, and she resents the stereotype of the tricksy fairy too.

Aside from work, she’s very good at finding things, due to her small size. She also dislikes the scent of barrels, and seems to have an aversion to being trapped inside them. She prefers rather standard, inexpensive fare, and will even live on rice gruel if money is tight.

Name: Adam Smith

Form: A red mace, about three times the size of her.

  • Rules Lawyer
  • Flight
  • Earth Element
  • Debt Collection – As damage is dealt by the opponent, it is stored in the weapon. Once per battle, it can all be returned at once.
  • Agility boost

Lost memories:
  • That she works for Terme Finance.
  • The word “merde”.
  • The name of the old shop in Pensee.
  • Who their adventurers were.
  • How to tie up her hair.
  • How to maintain a sales ledger.
  • How to do long division.
  • Recette’s dad’s name.
  • That her glasses help her read.
  • How the barriers in dungeons work.


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